Huskies play in the snow


In maths we are learning about time and temperature. But we are mostly learning about time. In time there is, past,half past,quarter past,

Hey honey

We are learning about hey honey . Which is about the little gardens. There are purple tansy, sweet pea and sunflower. We are coloring in a page that says hey honey at the bottom and it has a picture at the top. The picture has a bee on a flower.


We are doing swimming. In swimming  I have learnt how to do brain goggle cheek. In brain goggle cheek you have to put out your arm so it is above the water. Put your ear behind your arm and kick. You have to be facing the stairs. In my group is Millie, Isobella, me, Owen, Noah and Jayden. 😃


At reading we are now doing plays. In plays there are main characters.

Dominc's Birthday

I went to Dom's birthday after school on Friday. I got Dom a maze craft book, some pencils, and diary of a mine craft zombie book 9. Dom has an x box one. Me and Dom got 2 free games. The first free game is called slime rancher and the last free game is called trove. Me and Dom also played roblox hello neighbor. It was hard to get into the basement. The second cut scene was just creepy.